What a great year for SNOW!!!

HFRSC Meeting Minute -Harrison Fire Station
Attendance: Chris Searles, Jason Baker, Scott Doucette, Bre Worster, Ray Fox, Lisa Scribner, Brenda Doucette, Eric Weagle, Rose Farnum, Mike Gedney
Opened: 6.03pm
Minutes: read and accepted
Treasurers Report: read and accepted.

Trailmasters Report: Trailmaster was not present, Eric Weagle has checked into obtaining the older style bar tracks and they do still make them, one track would cost $5600.00. Eric is checking with the company to see if they will give a discount if two are purchased together and will get back to officers whether we should purchase one or two. After the purchase of new track(s) we will get the old track repaired for a spare. Signs on the snowmobile trail need to be picked up, a few members have volunteered to do that. We will be continuing to work on the south trail this summer to have it back open for next winter. Also there is some interest about opening up a trail to access bolsters mills, that will be the next project after the south trail. We also have been told that Dave Pickering is working on a trail to go out behind Dennison’s and also one that will run down to crystal lake park giving us more access to town, he is speaking with landowners etc to see if that is a possibility.
Discussion of land on Vacationoland Rd: Chris brought up the discussion, should we purchase the land for the club or not? There was a motion made to purchase the land from Searles at 2 payments of $5000.00 each one at closing and one in the next year. Bre Seconded and the vote was cast and accepted.
New Maps: Eric was contacted by Bill Priest (Bridgton Snowmobile Club) about combining maps again, there was a discussion and members thought this would be a good idea, Eric will find out more info and attend their meetings on this to see about cost etc.
HOHD It has been brought to attention that there has been interest in HFRSC taking over Old Home days, the lack of interest in the HOHD committee may leave no choice but to let HOHD discontinue unless someone takes it over. It is clear that if we take it over it will be profitable for the club but more research needs to be done, Chris will be talking with the town to see if we can take it away from being a town entity and Jason and Eric will be checking into what would be needed and the cost of insurance. In the meantime any club members who wish to attend HOHD meetings to see what it entails, Chris will be finding out if that is ok and when the meetings might be.
Golf Tourney: Mike has brought up the idea of a golf tourney to raise money for the club. He has volunteered to find out more information about this.
ext meeting scheduled for June 4th 6pm at the Fire station
Adjourned: 7:08


HFRSC Meeting Minute -Harrison Fire Station

Attendance: Chris Searles, Rod Withey, Henry and Nancy Hudson, Scott Doucette, Bre and Stacey Worster, Eric Weagle, Mike Gedney, Ray Fox, Lisa Scribner.

Secretary’s report - Last meeting minutes were read and accepted
Treasurers Report - was read and accepted

Trail Masters Report- Trails are in great condition and are being groomed regularly, a couple spots of some trails are slightly re-routed due to down trees. Now that logging has ceased we will be looking into the trail that runs by the fairgrounds. The groomer has a broken blower motor for the heater and needs to fixed. Also the groomer will at some point need a new track on one side, there was a discussion and a motion to run the groomer as is for the rest of the season and look for a new or new/used track and then have the existing track repaired for a spare. There will be a call around to officers before funds are spent on any new tracks, motion was seconded and approved.

Radar Run- Food booth is all set for the next run, Registration is all set for the next run, Chris has brought up that we may look soon to upgrade radar guns, this will be discussed at a later time.

Poker Rally- Ruby slippers will be the starting point. Chris will ask Carol about manning the Ruby Slippers stop, Scott will be manning the sub station, Ray will be manning Hawk Mountain, Bre will ask Rosie about signs and about manning her house. Eric is taking care of the cards and bags for the rally. A specialty meeting is set for 2/24/15 6pm at the fire station to finalize the poker rally.

We briefly discussed the land topic off of Vacationland Rd. the land owner is willing to work with payments of some sort but we will again be putting this topic on hold until we find out what funds we need to use for the groomer.