Radar Run February 6th 2005
Crystal Lake - Harrison, Maine

We finally got the radar runs off! With 2 feet of ice and great weather we all had a great day. The weather was perfect, no wind, warm and sunny, great food, everyone was happy, we couldn't have been better day.. maybe a few more people but everybody that was there had a great time.
Top speed of the day was 118 mph by Jason Gibbs. We had 3 girls racing, they were right up there in the competion. Watch out for the girls next year guys!

Jim Johnson & dog Suzzie were in charge of the radar gun.

Caleb Farnum & Jessie Scribner helped Stacy Worster on the track with the racers. They did a really good job! Thanks Caleb & Jessie! Hope you help us out next year.

Of course the girls in the cook shack/trailer did a great job serving up the chili, chowder, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more! The foods always good at The Harrison Friendly Riders.

We'd like to thank Searles Excavation; The Caswell House for the Fish Chowder and The Olde Mill Tavern for the chili, burgers, rolls, ect. Look forward to seeing you all next year, same time, same place. Keep checing the web site, we'll keep you posted.

Jason Gibbs - the winner!! 118 mph