Welcome to Harrison Friendly Riders Snowmobile Club.
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3rd Tuesday of Month
6 PM
Harrison Fire Station

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Harrison residents - Remember a portion of your your registration will go to the club if you register in Harrison!

SLED MAINE trail reports

Maine Snowmobile Association trail reports

Respect Your Trail Access!

Remember that our trails are often on private land and are being used with landowner permission.
Trail access is a privilege, not a right.
Please respect the land you use and obey all trail markers, especially those that request you to "Stay on the Marked Trail". That way we can preserve our trail privileges for everyone in the seasons to come!

"Carry In, Carry Out"


Check out the Groomer
donated to Harrison Friendly Riders Snowmobile
Club by Henry's Concrete Construction Inc.

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Without snowmobile clubs there would be NO snowmobile trails for YOU to ride! Snowmobile clubs get permission, clear, mark, maintain, build bridges and secure insurance for the trails you ride, everywhere! If you own a snowmobile you should belong to a snowmobile club, any snowmobile club. Snowmobile clubs need your help. If you can't give physical help, join your favorite Club (Hopefully the HFRSC) and give the financial help to keep your trails the way you want to see them... OPEN!!


Fryeburg Interstate Snogoers  

State of Maine - Snowmobile Laws, registration info, and more